abandoned places in windsor ontario

So many people ask me how we find these places, it’s as simple as heading out to your local back roads and exploring, making left and rights. Great seeing all these homes from my old country. This place has sat empty, vacant and unused for over a decade, after many summers of use. Many boarded up windows and lots of decay and peeling paint. Below is a gallery of some of the abandoned Ontario houses, hospitals and factories that I have explored and photographed. Whether you’re a firm believer in the supernatural or a guarded skeptic, It will be hard to deny the icy chill you feel up your spine while exploring these fascinating and frightening locations. Today the Blinkbonnie sits vacant with only the dust and echoes of her long and near-mythical history within. In a fit of rage, he murdered and later dismembered Theresa, burying her remains in random locations throughout the courtyard and alleyways. It is an incredible edification to Canada’s industrial elite. www.instagram.com/freaktography www.freaktography.com, The exterior of a large abandoned ontario mansion, tucked away and hidden deep in a wooded area in Ontario, An old chair left in the kitchen inside an abandoned house in southwestern Ontario. I hate this place for so many reasons! If I approach any location to find all access points to be sealed, I always walk away. I was just curious, what kind of film would you be producing? I need help with an address and/or contact information of a You Tube segment I saw by noah.nowhere, called: Abandoned Log Mansion in the Woods, Ep. Sadly our time in here was cut short thanks to a group of young hooligans who made so much noise the police showed up! 2 Haunted Houses under one roof. Today his former home is a landmark for local tourism and potentially a spiritually active building. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram at www.instagram.com/freaktography I’ve also got lots of stuff if you need to kill time on my website at www.freaktography.com Finally, if you want to help me out with a big road trip I’ve got coming up – there’s something special for you at this link here!! I hope to be able to visit some places. I’ve been dying to get into the buildings and take photos, (I took some through windows looking in this past winter).

Ghostly apparitions appear, and doors slam.

For a paranormal enthusiast, Ontario is a hotbed for research and ghostly exploration. See more creepy looking places, abandoned photography and oddities at www.instagram.com/freaktography and www.freaktography.com, Inside an old abandoned Ontario schoolhouse in the southwesters area of the province. For tickets dates and times please visit Read more [...] Favorite Pinpoint. Another day in another post I will share with you the oldest photo album I have ever found in an old abandoned house. It is odd to me that two perfectly good homes like these ones will be demolished but my guess is that they will pack 10 condos or more into the space that currently holds two houses…but i’m only guessing as I have no idea what the story is here. This photo was taken in the basement level, much of the building has collapsed inside and the roof is pretty much wide open from years of neglect and Canadian weather. www.freaktography.com/abandoned-ontario www.instagram.com/freaktography, The old man in the photo on the wall is the same man in the photo I posted yesterday, with the portrait on the bed,. ______________________________________________ Follow: www.instagram.com/freaktography Like: www.facebook.com/freaktography Visit: www.freaktography.com Subscribe: www.youtube.com/c/FreaktographyCaPhotography ____________________________________________________, Wash station in an abandoned factory in Southern Ontario.
I was so hoping that you might have a picture of it but I don’t see one.

One of your pictures reminds me of it, it was an old two story wooden structure with the same bay front windows on top and bottom. You really couldn’t take a photo without a mattress or bed-spring in the shot. Visitors who want to be truly scared out of their pants should check out Fort Fright; an annual event which begins outside the fort and ventures into the darkest bowels of this ancient fortress. If access is only possible via forced entry, I always walk away. http://tinyurl.com/hqgzzk8, The view out the window of the bedroom of a large abandoned ontario mansion, tucked away and hidden deep in a wooded area in Ontario, In a small town in South Western Ontario along an otherwise normal street sits this old and derelict schoolhouse. Not that I wouldn’t want to see in person. nice photography! Lightweight and highly versatile this commode chair features heightened support rails for ease of sitting and lifting yourself off the seat. When we walked in the back door it led us to the kitchen, which still set with plates and food on them yet. A creepy old abandoned house somewhere in Ontario Canada. Luckily in the case of this house, all is not lost. An abstract view of the staircase in an abandoned house in Ontario Canada.

Abandoned Ontario House, Fall Scene Another group by the name of PROO(f) TV conducted an extensive event – which they posted on YouTube. If I approach any location to find all access points to be sealed, I always walk away. Some beautiful finds, wonderful photography keep up the good work & thank you for sharing.

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