anasazi social structure

areas, where women would fashion pottery and men would create tools out Others believe the resources of the area were becoming exhausted. Second Edition. This period marks the emergence of the typical traits of Puebloan culture. Centuries before Europe's discovery and colonization of the Americas, the Anasazi people built a complex culture in what is now the southwestern United States. With the exception of hunting and growing food, all aspects of living could be performed within the dwelling. A person being the headmen arranged their tribe. A further distinction in Anasazi culture is made by archaeologists and historians between Western and Eastern Anasazi, using the Arizona/New Mexico border as a fairly arbitrary divide. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. In the centuries that led to the year 1000, Europe was emerging from chaos. Landscape: Ancient Puebloan people shaped their landscape in many ways. Storage of maize and other resources lead to surplus formation, which was re-invested in trading activities and feasting celebrations. Cordell, Linda 1997, Archaeology of the Southwest. Even water could be gathered between the porous cracks in the walls — all by clever design, of course. skeletal remains suggest that the women of a village spent The famed cliff dwellings were built into the mountainsides with but one exit for the sake of defense. The Anasazi prehistory is divided by archaeologists into two main time frames: Basketmaker (AD 200-750) and Pueblo (AD 750-1600/historic times). The government or hierarchy in the Anasazi tribe wasn’t that organized. This term was used to distinguish their culture from other Southwestern groups like the Mogollon and Hohokam. Men probably spent a lot of time on the They were primarily farmers. The best-preserved examples of the stone dwellings are now protected within United States' national parks, such as Navajo National Monument, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, Aztec Ruins National Monument, Bandelier National Monu…
Across the Atlantic, the North American continent was also inhabited by tribes.

task of hunting and wood gathering. The Anasazi had no writing system, they communicated by using symbols, … The Anasazi managed to build glorious cities in the cliffs of the modern Southwest. The people who resided in Chaco Canyon are considered Eastern Anasazi.
Think of how our contemporary structures fall into utter disrepair without constant maintenance. Deep pits were periodically dug within the living quarters. Their cliff dwellings are of particular interest to modern people. They were able to trade for food, livestock, and clothing. A person being the headmen arranged their government.

archaeological remains. Anasazi Timeline - Chronology of the Ancestral Pueblo People, Pueblo Bonito: Chaco Canyon Great House in New Mexico, The Chaco Road System - Southwestern America's Ancient Roads, Kiva - Ancestral Pueblo Ceremonial Structures, New Mexico National Parks: Ancestral Pueblo History, Unique Geology, Arizona National Parks: Petrified Wood and Volcanoes, Colorado National Parks: Rocky Mountain Habitats and Deep Canyons, Archaeological Dating: Stratigraphy and Seriation, Utah National Parks: Caves, Deserts, and Mountain Landscapes, History of Animal and Plant Domestication, Ph.D., Anthropology, University of California Riverside, M.A., Anthropology, University of California Riverside, See details on the Rise and Fall of Chaco Canyon. Modern day visitors can marvel at Anasazi accomplishments at Mesa Verde National Park or Canyon de Chelly National Park, to name a few.

Academic Press. Nicoletta Maestri holds a Ph.D. in Mesoamerican archaeology with fieldwork experience in Italy, the Near East, and throughout Mesoamerica. These pits, called kivas, served as religious temples for the ancient Anasazi.

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