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This is supported by two evidences.

They will need that patience too.

The different playing styles of these two players brought out two main benefits. One which provided a style of attractive, attacking football which set it apart from everyone else and resulted in universal acclaim. If you do what I said earlier - practise and practise from a young age - then what he does becomes natural to you. Firstly, Henry was a striker who didn’t rely on crossing assist (15%). As a coach, I have not stopped learning either - I am forever picking up new ideas, observing and seeing things that can make a difference for me or for someone else. That’s how I see myself as a coach as well. I wasn’t really a striker or a midfielder, but in between. Arsenal live stream The result of Bergkamp’s assist styles is more obvious than that of Henry. That said, The Frenchman’s persona on the field is now often cited as a sorely-missing element in Arsenal’s current setup – especially in the aftermath of Granit Xhaka’s bleakest moment of 2019/20 – and more widely missing in the league itself. Most people look at players and they say 'oh, what a good technique', or 'he works very hard'. Nowgoal Livescore Bergkamp was strong at providing through ball (penetrative pass to the back of defence). View stats of Forward Thierry Henry, including goals scored, assists and appearances, on the official website of the Premier League. Overall, he averaged 1.4 goals per-game and 2.54 points per-game in the Premier League, and once famously outscored the entire Sunderland squad of 2002/03. With some players, their numbers do not do them justice. What I am talking about doing is like a bridging role between them, but I realise I’d have to have results as well. One the inventive creator, the other the sublime finisher. It doesn't have to be somewhere a player is obviously lacking, but it can be somewhere that you want to test them. I like to be involved with the first team but I think my power, my strength, is to bring players from the youth to the first team. Messi – Fan page of Leo Messi Learn how your comment data is processed. Of course, even then you could take something out of the numbers - mostly physical data about the distance covered in a game and things like that - but ideally you have to combine that side of it with the intelligent, technical side and that still seems very difficult, even though things have progressed. I like to spend time with my family and have a life outside football, and I don’t think you can be a fully committed manager if you want to play golf sometimes as well. This is supported by two evidences. It is such a big advantage if you can develop your own players because, unlike most players you buy, they don't have to adjust to a new club or new country. The signing of the Dutchman elevated the club to a different plateau, immediately after a stagnant season in 1994/95. Like most celebrities, Dennis Bergkamp tries to keep his personal and love life private, so check back often as we will continue to update this page with new dating news and rumors. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

When I played, the stats were basic and I didn’t pay much attention to them for a long time. I searched all over the web and I didn´t find anything … I hope that you know! Football live Score In your training sessions you can put all of these things in. Here are a few snippets that caught our eye. Anyone lucky enough to be around at that time, will arguably have witnessed the best Arsenal side in living memory. Hi, there is a great analysis. Did you have access to archived match footage or something like it, or did you use an external website like Opta?
Of course Dennis’ first thought was often to create rather than score – although he was a very good goalscorer – but for me Thierry just had this cutting edge that sets him apart. One of the biggest things to have changed is the use of statistics and how they are interpreted to show if a player is good or not. He roughly outlined what he’s after in May 2019, but he’s recently gone into further detail in a fascinating interview with the BBC. Even both players contributed well in terms of number and efficiency of making assist, their assist styles were different. On the pitch, it looks a bit quicker than in my day. Their partnership was not a traditional 4-4-2 forward pair partnership. They are already comfortable and they are available whenever you need them. MARZIALI, F. and V. MORA, 1997. Often anticipating their movements well before they knew what they were going to do themselves. Likes it when Arsenal are good. I have sent an invitation to you on LinkedIn. It would be strong and move about. I learned my touch and my technique by kicking a ball against a wall hundreds of times in a row, controlling it time and time again, and from playing games for hours every night - in the streets, on gravel, wherever. Despite his ability in front of goal, you could never describe Thierry as being blinkered. My philosophy as a coach is based on my whole career and my life, but the decisions I wanted to be made when I was at Arsenal were more based on me wanting success.

(@FootballlSweets) March 18, 2019. I’ve not worked full-time since leaving Ajax in 2017 and I am not actively looking for a job in football at the moment. Bergkamp was strong at providing through ball (penetrative pass to the back of defence).

Change ). ( Log Out /  One of the biggest things to have changed is the use of statistics and how they are interpreted to show if a player is good or not.
It’s always interesting reading Dennis open up on the game, so we fully endorse you taking 10 minutes out of your day to read the full BBC transcript. I like to spend time with my family and have a life outside football, and I don't think you can be a fully committed manager if you want to play golf sometimes as well. That is something I value highly, of course. Hi! If we consider the efficiency of making assist, their contribution is more obvious. People like Bergkamp are too valuable to mot be involved in the game somewhere. As the forward pair in the invincible team, I argued Henry-Bergkamp partnership was one of the best in Premier League history but it was not a traditional 4-4-2 forward pair partnership because of their 3 features: Feature 1: Separation of Duties. “The Invincibles” Arsenal 2003-04 Analysis (4) – Henry, Pires and Cole | Football Performance Analysis, “The Invincibles” Arsenal 2003-04 Analysis (1) – Squad and formation | Football Performance Analysis, RECREATING THE ARSENAL INVINCIBLES – THE INTRO | SI Sports Centre, Arsenal Invincibles - Part One - Tea & Busquets, “The Invincibles” Arsenal 2003-04 Analysis (1) – Squad and formation, How coaching can benefit from performance analysis, Football Basics – Factors to be considered in attacking by crossing, Attacking space behind defence + crossing. Permission to use quotations from this article is granted subject to appropriate credit being given to as the source. Could one date with someone new save a relationship? What a player and off the charts football IQ. What I have in mind is a role that worked for me at Ajax, which was a lot like the one I had as a player – a little bit in between the lines. He demanded a lot and I feel it's important that I teach the same lessons now. How can you overlook a creative talent that has given the game so much credibility and class in his ten years in this Country. What I did was I ordered a 49 unbeaten games DVD from Amazon. Even they both started on the left side, when the ball was moved to right side, Bergkamp tended to move to centre and Henry stayed at left flank until he moved to centre to score the goal in the penalty area. Does Bergkamp Outrank Henry in ‘Greatest Gunners’ Stakes? West Ham Blog As for the number one, I suspect even Henry would agree with me, that Bergkamp was far and away the first choice. These days, from a very young age, football coaching at every level is far more structured than it was when I grew up. But there is a lot more to it than that - I learned that a long time ago, when I was just a boy at Ajax, working under Cruyff. But when I work with players now, I always prefer a challenge - like someone who is upset with me for any reason or, technically or tactically, doesn't know what to do. However, what has only become apparent more recently is the knock-on effect that these players have had on the profile of the Premier League itself, along with football culture in general.

I don’t think anyone could have predicted just how much of a legend he would become, both for Arsenal and France, but it was wonderful to watch.I’m a massive admirer of Dennis Bergkamp but I’ve always believed that the hardest thing in football is to put the ball in the back of the net – and Thierry did that better than Dennis. Bergkamp’s contribution was his creative genius, which was at its peak at this time and it was matched by the appetite and willingness of his French apprentice, who came in off the flanks to join a partnership that was almost telepathic. That is a lot and you have to try to bring that creativity to them in a different way, so they understand how important it is.

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